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Organisational Diagnosis

organisational.diagnosisOur Organisational Diagnosis assesses and reviews the current state of your overall organisational or a particular area against operational and performance excellence frameworks to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities, determine what your organisation does, or could do to improve performance and increase profitability.

It is a comprehensive, systematic diagnosis using criteria guidelines to identify and document strengths, weaknesses, gaps, improvement opportunities for your organisations. Once the diagnosis exercise has been completed, your organisation can take recommend actions (tailored to your strategy, goals and resources) to improve your performance with a systematic process based on the outcome. 


Just like Medical Diagnosis, an Organisational Diagnosis provides your organisation with a lot of benefits such as:

  • identifying strength & weakness within your organisation based on evidence and not assumptions
  • identifying and understand performances gap and identifying improvement projects
  • clear diagnosis of your organisation activities that is useful in planning as it links between what your organisation does and the results it achieves,
  • provides the foundation with which to develop your organisation’s focus on sustainable performance, etc.

Organisational Diagnosis is suited for your organisation if you are interested in knowing: how your organisation is lead in order to provide vision and direction, to eliminate waste and error, hence improve efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy.


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